8/23 morning sky

A Picturesque Day

 I might definitely get a little shutter happy with my iPhone camera

Beautiful morning for a run…did a whole 25 minutes and 2.61 miles without stopping!! *pat self on back

Had some green stuff post-run…

green smoothie 8/23

Decided I would rather take sweaty photos of myself instead of get ready for work…

8/23 me

Carmella is such a photo bomber

Had gross chinese food for lunch…the fortune was good though 🙂

lifetime of happiness

good to know

One of my favorite things about NM is the sky. After sitting in my cave of an office all day, I get to leave and drive home with views like this….

8/23 sunset

Picked up my Color Run packet for Saturday…

color run packet

Got something besides bills in the mail. New fancy headphones. I was just complaining about my current set.

Halo headphones

Halo Headphones – they seem pretty nifty, will give a better review once I have actually run in them.

Even though I wore my “Dino taco” shirt…I had not takers…so I made a quesadilla, not a taco…but kind of…

8/23 quesadilla

The women on RHONJ are discussing the size of their foreheads…I’m going to stop watching this show

 <3 A

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