week 32

32 Week Bumpdate

Thought it was time for another quick bumpdate! I also wanted to share some pictures my aunt Jacque took for us while we were back in New Mexico for Thanksgiving. We had such a great time and she caught some great moments of us. It was hard just to pick a few for this post!

32 week bumpdateWe are officially at week 32 today…eek! It seems like time is flying by, only 8 weeks left until we get to meet our little boy. We are both feeling the pressure to get the nursery in order. This week we plan to start our Hynobabies course, and interview/decide on a doula. I still cannot believe how fast time has gone by.

Baby’s Size?  the size of a head of lettuce, about 19in, 3.9 lbs (according to the What to Expect app)

32 week bumpdate

Cravings/Aversions? I officially cannot stand chicken, unless it’s fried, that sounds good. I’ve pretty much never been a fan of chicken, but now I don’t even think I can look at it…blech! Craving the usual suspects, cookies, pies, candy, my sweet tooth can get the best of me at times!

Exercise? I was on a really good track, getting back since Thanksgiving has been tough. I’ve been a bit fatigued from some slight jet lag, and this whole growing a human thing this week. I do find a brisk walk outside really boosts my energy. I am going to focus on more walking and yoga for the rest of my pregnancy. 

32 week bumpdate

Stretch Marks? I’ve noticed a few new ones higher up in my belly, nothing major. Belly button is still an innie ;)

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much all I wear, plus a few pairs of yoga pants and pajamas. Stocked up on some good winter basics to get me through to the end…I hope! Had to upgrade to wearing Tim’s hoodies & jackets, my cute athletic fit ones don’t work anymore.


Sleep? I did really well when I was on vacation, thanks mostly to the carb induced coma I went into after Thanksgiving vacation. Had a few sleepless nights since we’ve been home. If I have to pick my worst pregnancy symptom, my insomnia would be it. Trying not to get frustrated by it.

Movement? YES! Especially at night when I am ready for some sleep. Been feeling lots of hiccups too, I always feel bad when he gets them.

32 week bumpdate

Missing Anything? WINE! I did indulge in a glass at a party over the weekend and it was sooooo good. Almost wish I would have had the opposite reaction because it just left me wanting more!

Symptoms? A few sleepless nights. Heartburn has been a little worse the past couple of weeks, but I have also been indulging in some goodies here and there.

32 week bumpdate

How Mama is feeling? Fatigue has kicked back in, I feel like I need a nap most days. I seem to be more and more anxious about everything, that could explain the sleepless nights, and minor meltdowns. The past couple of weeks have been a blur with travel, but we are starting to get our ducks back in a row, getting some things done, while still enjoying my favorite time of the year.

Getting excited about…Finishing the nursery!

32 week bumpdate

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