Brisket Two Ways

One of my favorite cuts of meat is the brisket. Growing up I remember eating a lot of roast or brisket on Sunday afternoons after church with my family. My mom or my papa would put one on before we headed out to church Sunday morning so that it was ready for feasting once we came home. What is it about church that makes everyone so hungry! Or is that just me…

I obviously had been dreaming of brisket, so on Sunday I tried my hand at cooking one in the crock pot for the first time. I usually marinate one overnight in Claude’s Brisket Marinade and pop it in the oven, but the last few times it has come out really dry. Thought about smoking it, but the arctic temps we’ve been having makes it hard to smoke outside.

I read through lots of recipes, and researched different techniques, and in an effort to keep it simple this is what I came up with.

P1010626In the crock pot goes a large thinly sliced yellow onion, and 2-3 roughly chopped carrots. Also forgot to mention the 3 cloves of peeled and smashed garlic.

P1010629Liberally salt and pepper both sides of a 3-4 lb brisket.

Place in crock pot, on top of the carrots and onions, and pour in 2 cups of beef bone broth (or any broth you have on hand). Cook on high for 6 hours.

What you get is a moist brisket, that is fork tender and shreds really easily.

Sunday night I sliced it up (tip:slice against the grain) topped with a little of the au jus from cooking, and served with the carrots and onions, steamed green beans, and cauliflower mash. A totally delicious and comforting meal.

Please excuse the lack of finished product photo, I just didn’t take one that did this delicious dinner any justice at all!

Brisket Part Deux

Jump to last night, when I was trying to figure out how we were going to eat up all that brisket. I’m not a huge fan of leftovers, but have been making an effort to eat up what I have made and stop wasting so much food!

As usual I was craving Mexican, I will pretty much each Mexican food any day of the week, and one of the easiest standby meals in our house is the taco. I usually have all the ingredients on hand, the only thing I had to go to the store for was corn tortillas. Since they are not paleo, I haven’t been keeping them in the house, but I made an exception last night…I make lots of exceptions on my paleo journey. If you want to though you can totally skip the tortillas and use romaine leaves or just make a salad.

Quick, Easy, Leftover Brisket Tacos

All I did was slice up some brisket and threw it in a skillet with about 1/4 cup of leftover au jus from cooking the brisket on Sunday, cook on medium until warm and able to shred with a fork. In hindsight, I could have added a little homemade taco seasoning to the meat as well to give it a little more of a Mexican dish flavor, but it was good without too.

P1010737I made a quick guacamole, had some homemade salsa already made, shredded some raw organic cheddar, chopped some lettuce and tomatoes, and warmed some corn tortillas. You can also serve with sour cream, or for us it was full fat plain Greek yogurt.

P1010744Stuff your tortillas with plenty of brisket and yummy fresh toppings, and ENJOY!!




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