Dear Conor – Month 4

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but 4 months later I am finally getting around to it! Not an original idea, I saw it over on Lindsay’s fantastic blog. Great way for me to keep with how fast Conor is growing, and give you a glimpse too. I swear I’m going to blink my eyes and he’s going to be graduating from high school.

This weekend our little Conor will already be 5 months old! Here’s a little update from month 4!


Dear Conor,

I cannot believe this weekend you will be 5 months old! You’ve grown and changed so much in these past 19 weeks. I don’t really know where to start here.


We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and you are growing right on schedule. I’ll take some of the credit for that since you are still nursing every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day. At your appointment you were 13lbs 3oz and 25 1/4″ long.

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I have started working in the evenings and daddy gets a chance to feed you as well. From day 1 you had no problem taking the bottle (we love these Born Free Glass Bottles). This week daddy sent me a photo of you holding your own bottle! You are a little fussy and impatient at times when you nurse, mostly out of impatience, or because it’s over. I have a feeling solid food is right around the corner. You are super interested in food and watching me eat is always entertaining to you.


You have started sleeping more at night,┬álast week you were giving us some nice 8-9 hour stretches in your crib, still can’t believe you outgrew that bassinet so quickly. The past couple of nights you’ve ended up in bed with me for half of the night. I grab you from your crib, bring you into the bed to nurse, and end up falling asleep with you. I won’t lie though, I like the extra cuddle time with you.

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We’ve gone from hating tummy time to rolling all over place. I put you down on your playmat, and if I look away for even second sometimes, you’ve rolled halfway to the other side of the floor. You’ve also gotten more vocal these days, you love to talk to your “friends” on your activity mat, and think that baby in the mirror (YOU) are hilarious! You also love when we read books at night. Your current faves are Curious George Good Night Book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Corduroy.

You are such a happy, good baby, every Sunday we get so many compliments about how good you are during church. You smile and flirt with everyone, and are super interested in the other little people you see wiggling around in church. I think it’s time to start socializing you with some more babies, and more mommies for me!


You really are my sunshine, and I love watching you grow. You bring so much joy to our lives, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do than be your mommy.



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