Embrace the Suck

Good morning friends!! Sorry for the silence again. My family and I are on a little adventure for the next few months. Starting to settle though, so I hope to get some more fun workout posts up soon, meaning I will have to workout! In the meantime, we have been having fun and going on family adventures like going to the beach for the first time! 


So I was reading this post about wall balls this morning, and even though most people cringe at the idea of doing wall balls I actually like them. Call me crazy, but I get excited about throwing a big weighted stuffed animal up to a target, over and over and over and over…..

I think it is because a long time ago I told myself that I like them. I made the decision that I like wall balls, I told myself I was good at them and it was an exercise I could easily improve upon. I tricked myself you could say.

It’s not really a trick though, it’s all about the power of your mind. When it come to exercise, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle, how you perceive those things will determine your success. If you dread doing a certain exercise, then your whole workout is going to suffer. When it comes to food, well I could write a whole other post on that, but you have to develop a positive relationship with it. For me, it’s discovering how to eat well for my body, and to not feed my emotions. 

It’s like the mantra I tell myself before every workout I go into, “Embrace the suck.” Embrace those things that push you a little bit, embrace the things that are going to get you closer to your goals. Whether it’s deciding to like wall balls, amping up your workout routine, eating a little better (this part shouldn’t suck), spending an hour working on your business instead of watching TV (that’s a big goal of mine). Whatever it is, find a way to push yourself, to embrace the suck, the suck is where the change happens!

Where does the suck happen for you? Do you embrace it, or avoid it? 

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