Friday Five

1. Dinner from Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand. I drive by this place a lot, and it has intrigued me. So last night, instead of going home and warming up a healthy bowl of kale soup that I prepped for the week, I stopped here. The soup I made just wasn’t that good, threw together in a hurry and it came out bland and boring. The chicken philly I had was anything but that! The milkshake might have been overboard, but it was delicious, they blend a cupcake up in it, GENIUS!

My Photo* This morning my gut wasn’t happy and reminded me that I cannot eat like that anymore…should have had the soup.

2. The Mindy Project. Over the weekend I had a marathon of catching up on last season while unpacking boxes. Finally watched the new episode last night. I find myself laughing out loud when I watch this show, and who doesn’t love a good laugh. Seriously though, can Mindy and I be BFF’s already?

3. New blue shoes. I am a little obsessed with this color, it has a great POP!

photo 3$RVLPO7Y

4. A new lunch bag. A friend of mine is a Thirty-One representative, and I finally ordered some stuff from her. A gift for a friend, a large tote for all my fitness mats, bands, balls etc., and this adorable lunch bag! I feel like it’s the first days of school toting around my shiny new lunch bag, if only my mommy were here to pack my lunch for me 😉 She has lots of neat products you can check out on her website.

photo 15. This post by Kelly MacLean on HuffPost, Surviving Whole Foods, gave me a good laugh.

What’s been the highlight of your week?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. homemadeforelle

    You look great, sister! I also, LOVE the Mindy Project. Watched the new episode yesterday, and it was hysterical! I read the Surviving Whole Foods post, and although I haven’t been there, it certainly brightened up my day. The prius comment had me LOLing 🙂


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