Friday Fone Fotos

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Here’s a roundup of all the photos I took on my phone this week


Tingley Beach

I had to make a pit-stop at Tingley Beach while on my long run Sunday

Tingley beach statue

pick a good caption for this photo…

Range brekkie

After 6 miles I was starving, so I stopped off at The Range Cafe. Green chile turkey sausage!

The Range Cow

Cow pointing



you’re so vain…and a Maxxinista! Got some good deals at TjMaxx over the weekend!



jalapenos from our little garden we grew this summer.



The first frittata I’ve ever made. I like!


Me & Mella

Carmella smiling for the camera

 No photo Wednesday…moving on to Thursday

PB, banana, choc Juice+ shake

Started my day with a Juice+ shake, this is a great combo, packed full of whole food nutrition! 


I hate that it’s getting dark so early, I am forced to run on the dreadmill! Glee was on though, definitely got me through it!

post workout me

post workout sexiness sweatiness


9/28 weigh-in

Weighed in this morning at, 153, 2lbs under my driver’s license weight! YAY!! I may need to treat myself to a pedi!


stopped for some SB, where there were also BOGO K-cups for sale! I love a good deal!

9/28 AM Sandias

view from work this AM, Tim pointed out it looks like I’m at a truck stop, and no I don’t work at a truck stop.

Have a fabulous Friday!

<3 A

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