Gender Reveal

Hey y’all, quick post to update everyone on some more exciting news about Baby H!

Well here we are at 20 weeks today, this little bun is half-baked today. Last night we finally found out what our little peanut is!

We had our ultrasound last Tuesday, had the tech write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. We then took the results down to a local bakery where they baked us a cake that would reveal to us what the gender was. Not sure how we did it, but we picked up the cake Saturday afternoon, and waited until Sunday evening to cut it open. A true test of patience!

Here’s a few pics from the evening, enjoy!


Our first set of diapers! Tim's sister nailed the nursery theme I've been thinking of! Thanks Mare!

Our first set of diapers! Tim’s sister nailed the nursery theme I’ve been thinking of! Thanks Mare!


It’s a BOY!! I knew it!!


Happy Daddy and Mommy…still getting used to the thought of being called that!

It really was such a great evening. We had lots of good food, and enjoyed having our GA family over to share the surprise with us. We also video chatted with our immediate family that live farther away. I woke up this morning with what felt like a hangover from all the excitement last night!

My mind has been whirring all morning with thoughts, and feelings, and questions that I can’t quite put into words right now. Things are changing fast, and I am just so happy…I’m telling you, I’m at a loss for words today! I can’t wait to meet our little boy and introduce him to all these wonderful people we call family! Well, I can wait 20 more weeks!!

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