Keep it Simple

You know what’s awesome about this Monday? I didn’t have to go to work!

The project I was supposed to start pushed a week, and my boss told me to take the week off! I didn’t argue! I haven’t had any time off this year, so I have already created a list of things I need to catch up on. I am also squeezing in a mini vacay at the end of the week!

Today’s Run

This morning I slept in until 8 and took my sweet time getting out the door for a run. I like knowing I have time to run and not have to finish quickly before work.

6.2 miles – 1:08:26

This is the first time I have run that far and that long…NEW PR’s are always exciting!

9/10/12 me

Now that I feel like I’ve started off the week right, I can keep on going on a good track this week!

End of 2013 Goals

Fall is in the air and before we know it, Christmas will here…it was in Costco yesterday…

costco christmas

Most people get annoyed by this, but not me! Christmas is my second fave holiday, the first would be my birthday! If only Costco would dedicate an aisle to my birthday….

I was inspired to create this list of goals by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. The goal of these goals is to keep them simple, check out the rules for creating these goals by clicking on the picture.

4 Simple Goals before 2013source

These goals will hopefully not let the end of 2012 get away from me without accomplishing a few things, as well as give me some creative inspiration. Sometimes I get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget to be creative.

2012 Goals

  1. Take more photos – I don’t get out and practice my photography as much as I should. I have 2 nice cameras but find I take 99% of my photos on my iPhone. My goal is to get out there and learn more, I have a lot to learn!
  2. Hike La Luz – Up the Sandia Mountains, 8-9 miles, gaining approx. 3,000 ft elevation…more here. I have lived here for 4 years now and have never attempted it, before I move away I want to make sure I do it. I hear fall is the best time to do it too!
  3. Complete 5 Pins– I have pinned 715 things, I will complete 5 of them. Whether it’s a craft, home organization, recipe, hair or makeup idea, I will complete at least 5. I believe I even have some clever gift ideas pinned there, these will come in handy for the holidays!
  4. Run entire 10k-I am running a 10k on October 14th, well I haven’t signed up (guess that is part of the goal), but I am going to do it. My goal is to run the entire thing. No stopping, No excuses.

What do you want to get done before 2013 gets here?

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