Low Back Love Workout

Hey ya’ll!!

First off a quick training update for half-marathon #1 coming up in a few months! Last week was week 3 of training, I did my long run on Sunday which was 6 miles. I haven’t run 6 miles since…well last year sometime…December maybe??? I know I’ve done it before, maybe 3 times, but this was my first time without stopping! It was hard and I got really exhausted at the end, but I pushed through and finished with negative splits, and a time of 57:51.

That wasn’t my hardest run though, last Thursday’s run kicked my butt! I decided to go running on some trails in a place called the foothills, not thinking about the hills. So I did a nice 4 miles of surprise hill work. Great change of scenery though!

That’s enough about running, let’s talk strength training. I’ve been having lots of low-back issues. In my Restore the Core class I notice that my lack of strength in my low-back keeps me from doing some of the moves. Plus, my low back seems to be in a constant state of pain, not bad, just tightness really. So I decided I needed to show my low-back a little extra love each week so I can 1) not be in pain, and 2) be better able to perform the moves in my class.

I did some research on the inter-webs as to what exercises are good for the low-back, all of them were those that I do in class periodically. This is the workout I came up with, which I added a couple of my “core” favorites to.


What’s your favorite “CORE” exercise?



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