One More Time

The weekend is so close, I can smell it!

I went to the gym bright dark and early this morning. Hopped on the treadmill for 5 minutes to warm myself up, no really, it was cold in the gym I needed to get my sweat on QUICK!

10/18/12 gym pic

Love my sparkly pink Bic Band!

I then did a lovely little circuit from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers. She’s got some good ones, go check em’ out! I did the 30 Minute Circuit Workout.

My glutes are definitely feeling the one leg dead-lifts  which was a new move for me, it’s a toughie! I was also trying very hard to watch my form on all the exercises so it took me a little longer than 30 minutes, maybe 40. The planks were tough, definitely need more core work!

I even took the dog for a 15 minute walk when I got home. She needed it, I’ve been neglecting her exercise needs…ha

Seriously, less photos more walking.

I had a little accomplishment this morning, I actually completed  all 3 rounds of a circuit workout. I usually cannot push myself enough to do round 3 of circuit workouts.

Getting better? Stronger? Crazier? Not really sure, but I will celebrate this little accomplishment, and remind myself next time I try to quit at round 2, to just keep going. Which I will need when I start Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp next week. Got the first part of the plan, and I’m pumped to get started!!

best body boot camp

Have you ever been to a fitness bootcamp, online or in the gym? How did it go?




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    1. Adrienne Post author

      Haha, mine too! Warming up and getting out the door is a bigger battle than usual. Then it’s usually still dark when I come home so it’s ready to go right back to bed some days.


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