Our First Father’s Day

Isn’t weird that all of a sudden you get to participate in a holiday you’ve never celebrated before? I mean I’m sure we’ve all celebrated and participated in these holidays, but to be the guest of honor is a little different. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. I’m talking about Father’s day, not that I was the guest of honor, but it’s how I felt on Mother’s Day…anyway, we had a great day celebrating Tim and the amazing daddy he is to Conor.


We started the morning with mimosas and waffles!

IMG_8214Ended the day with peach crisp and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Homemade ice cream takes me back to my childhood. Every sweet, creamy bite I had, took me back to summertime, sitting on the porch at my grandpa’s ranch, watching the ice cream maker churn. His ice cream was the best. He was the best. I thought of him a lot yesterday, and wished he too was here to celebrate this day with us.

In between those two we had red chile enchiladas. I seriously feel like all I did yesterday was cook, not a bad thing I enjoy cooking. It was just made challenging by a clingy baby.

IMG_8211It did however force me to teach myself how to nurse my baby in the Ergo, hashtag mom win!

We also had a fun time getting crafty creating the first of many homemade gifts for Dad.

IMG_8175Getting those wiggly toes to stay still is not easy!

IMG_8171 Luckily these little canvases came in a 3 pack!

The one thing we did not do is get a picture of the two boys together, hashtag mom fail. It was a great day though. Conor and I are so lucky to have Tim. His love and devotion to our little family makes me love him more and more everyday. I am looking forward to celebrating him on Father’s Day for many more years to come.

How was your father’s day? Who did you celebrate?

4 thoughts on “Our First Father’s Day

  1. Mary @ Fit and Fed

    Sweet! How cool that you are going to have his baby pictures/memories all organized through doing this blog! Some day it will be your son finding something for you for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

    1. Adrienne Post author

      Thanks Mary! I should get more posts up about him! I hope he doesn’t get too embarrassed when he’s older and using the internet. Those days seem so far away right now!


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