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This morning I got up to go for a run. I was going to try and get out the door in time to do a whole hour, but I thought taking pictures of myself would be more fun. There was a point though,  my point was to share with you how I get myself ready for a run in the morning.

After I have my breakfast, this morning it was toast and pb, I watch the news to hear about all the crazies running around town, really makes me feel good about heading out the door to go run alone, good thing I am getting faster!

After all that, I foam roll and do some dynamic stretching. A lot of people foam roll after a workout, but I like to do it before and AFTER, after rarely happens because I am usually in a hurry to get to work, but I try to do some rollin’ in the evening. I have found that my hips hurt a lot less if I roll before my run. I am also having a lot less problems with my piraformis.

In this article, Dr. Mike Clark, CEO of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, says correctly foam rolling could help prevent injuries.

When the weather is warmer I can usually do a slow half mile jog to get everything warmed up before stretching. Now that it’s cold I like to get as sweaty as possible before heading out in to the cold. It was 27 degrees this morning…27! To do this I start with some jumping jacks, or high knees, or run up and down the stairs a couple of times, just to get everything warmed up.

I follow this with some dynamic stretches, here are my favorites, also see this video for further instruction.

leg swings


toe touches

***please excuse the crappy quality, I have a real camera and a tripod hidden away somewhere, but choose to use my phone.***

After that I do a few of these, plus some…


IT Band


I also do some static stretching for my calves, quads, and ankles, just to make sure everything is ready to go. After ALL THAT, I head out the door and run like the wind!

This morning was a good run, I am trying to get my 5k time to under 30 minutes. In the last two runs I have gotten to 3 miles in 29:50, that pesky .1! I am running an actual 5k race, on December 16, maybe some race day adrenaline will get me that PR!

Post run scenes:

Downward dog

Downward-Facing Dog

I feel like I could use some more yoga in my life, my muscles are screaming for some good stretching! I am doing Grow Soul Beautiful’s Yoga a Day Instagram challenge. There is a different pose for each day that you Instagram yourself doing. This is day 6, I started on day 5, but am so out of practice I didn’t take a photo of my chaturanga dandasana, it was embarrassing.

I feel like an official member of the healthy living blogging community now that I have learned the art of overnight oats!

Other related articles that I found helpful about foam rolling and stretching:

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Your Trainer Paige has s great hip mobility routine to follow and upper back as well.

On a Roll – Runner’s World has videos on how to each exercise correctly

Do you foam roll? Before, after, or both?


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  1. meghan

    I like to foam roll after, but may consider trying it before. My itband has been bothering me lately and that may help. nice pictures!


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