Sugar Cleansed:10 Things the 21 Day Sugar Detox Did For Me

Well, it’s official I am cleansed of sugar!

Sunday marked day 21 of my 21 Day Sugar Cleanse! The last week went really well, I stuck with the plan and only mildly craved carbs and sweets. I had a couple of slip ups on day 20. We went out to dinner at The Iberian Pig, which was amazing, I highly recommend this restaurant if you find yourself in Atlanta! We were with a large group and sharing tapas, while the delicious Iberian pork tenderloin and the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had  were 21DSD friendly, the veal ravioli and pork cheek tacos were not so much. I didn’t however indulge in the creme brule, and gelato that were ordered for dessert, instead went home and made this pumpkin bread. How did I not know gluten-free baking was so simple!?

Instead of just throwing in the towel, I got up Saturday morning and made a delicious 21DSD friendly breakfast of smoked pork chops and sweet potato kale hash. I snacked on an apple and almonds in the afternoon, and had a delicious steak, spinach, and butternut squash puree for dinner. Oh, and a glass, maybe 2 of wine, and some pumpkin bread. So I guess you could say I did a 20.5 day sugar detox.

I don’t feel at all bad about my slip-ups at the end, I am extremely proud of myself for sticking with the plan as well as I did and breaking my addiction to carbs and sugar. I have learned so much from this detox, and feel 100% better than I did before I started. Actually, I feel better than I have in a long time.

10 Things the 21 Day Sugar Detox Did For Me

1. I’ve noticed a decrease in anxiety and depression. Anyone who deals with either of these, knows that making that go away is huge!

2. My pants are bigger 🙂 I don’t know my actual weight loss number since I don’t own a scale, but my clothes look better on me and it may be time to go down a size again!

3. I can work out harder and longer, and my recovery time has improved. Basically I don’t want to lay on the floor and die after every crossfit workout, or run I do, and I actually look forward to tackling a hard workout every morning.

4. I can eat a lot of whole, nutritious foods, and not worrying about the calorie count is ok as long as I am eating foods that fuel my body properly.

5. Less bloating and fatigue, and more energy throughout the day. I am off the blood sugar roller coaster, have I ever mentioned that I HATE roller coasters!

6. Without going into details, improved digestive system. I am starting to notice how certain foods affect my system. I’ve always dealt with problems that could be considered IBS and just thought that was normal, now I am learning that I can heal my gut and not have to worry about where the closest bathroom is at all times! Looking forward to exploring this more to really heal my gut for good.

7. Taught me that being prepared in a highly processed and sugar-coated world is very important! Fail to plan, plan to fail.

8. Drinking no wine for 21 days saves you money, and makes that glass you finally have so much sweeter!

9. Almost EVERYTHING, in the middle aisles of the grocery store is loaded with sugar! Read your labels and know what you’re putting into your body, you’ll be surprised about what food makers sneak in there, it’s no wonder we are a society addicted to sugar.

10. The realization of how a diet rich in whole foods can change just not your health, but your life. I’ve always known that a whole food diet was best, but I always kept few processed snacks and refined carbs in the mix thinking that since I was working out, it would balance out. Little did I know that those were actually hurting me and keeping me from reaching my goals in fitness, health, and life.

So, what now? What happens on day 22?

Well, I figured that this new fangled way of eatin’ was making me feel so great so why not continue. I do plan to have fruit when I want it, a glass of wine here and there, and gluten-free treat on occasion, but for the most part I want to keep fueling my body properly.

I received the official 21 Day Sugar Detox book in the mail this week, I was following her online plan, and cannot wait to try out some of the recipes in the book! I also started reading Practical Paleo, another book by the same author, and a lot of it makes sense and may have changed my mind about Paleo. Still doing my research, one healthy delicious meal at a time of course!

Have you tried, or would you try, following a Paleo/Primal way of eating? Thoughts?


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