Super Legs and Cardio Workout

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that on Friday I was super excited to share a new workout with you. If you don’t, then you should…

I haven’t done much heavy lifting in my legs in a while, and I kind of missed it. I’ve been so focused on running that I haven’t thought about it. Even though I know that strength training is important in preventing injuries, and can improve performance in running.

Here’s a super informative article from Running Times about the importance of strength training in runners: Run Stronger, Run Longer: How Strength Training Benefits Runners.

So I came up with a quick workout of supersets for my lower body and headed to the gym. I also needed to get in 4 miles for my half-marathon training, so I mixed it up and did a mile in between my supersets. (See last Tuesdays post for more info on the superset format.)

This workout really challenged me, and left me feeling strong, and SWEATY! Also sore for 3 days…

super legs and cardio workout


How many times a week do you strength train?

Do you find that you cut back on strength training when training for an endurance event?

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