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Friday Five

Happy Friday, Y’all! I am so happy another work week is almost done, and am looking forward to a productive, relaxing weekend, maybe with a little new-home-town-tourism sprinkled in.

1. Songza, if you don’t use it, do it, it’s awesome. Loving this remix that has been playing a lot this week.

Belle & Sebastian – I Didn’t See it coming (Richard X Mix)

2. Getting back into a routine. A routine that only allows for workouts, work, and sleep, not much else happening Monday through Friday, but I am a creature of habit and love having a routine to follow.

3. Bring your dog to work day EVERYDAY! My boss was nice enough to allow Miss Mella to come and hang in my office. Which alleviates my worries of finding a dog walker I can trust. I love having her around, she’s good company, and makes these 12 hour days go by a little faster. Also, gives me an excuse to take an afternoon walk!

photo 3

She’s excited to be here, just not behind this gate!

4. Going Elvis style with this smoothie…it’s an oldie but a goodie. I skipped my usual berries and greens smoothie and went with something to satiate my sweet and salty cravings. I may have had another one this morning…so yummy!

photo 2

protein powder, banana, peanut butter, splash of almond, and ice. Blend and Enjoy!

5. Catching up on MasterChef! So happy Luca won, I can’t stand that other girl! Not gonna lie I cried like 3 times during that episode! Also, uber inspired to cook something new and delicious this weekend. Maybe learn some new, fancy cooking technique.

Really excited for MasterChef Junior to air later this month!

How was your week, looking forward to anything fun this weekend?

10-28 hike

Weekend Roundup

Wow, how the weekends come and go so fast!

I headed to Clovis, NM, and back, on Saturday for one of my dearest friends’ baby shower. Still can’t believe how much we are all growing up! It was a quick trip, but it was good to see some friends and sister’s (fraternity) I hadn’t seen in a long time. Even threw together a cute outfit for the occasion.

10/27 OOTD

Shirt and pants both from Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, boots Gianni Bini

I had plans to do a run Saturday morning, but my hip is killing me. I feel like it has something to do with my piraformis, need to make a trip to the chiropractor and the masseuse ASAP.

I have noticed that this has been happening more and more lately, I also started noticing blisters on the ends of my toes and the bottom of my foot. So I decided to try a new pair of shoes and see how that helps.

The guys at the Albuquerque Running Shop were super helpful. He pulled out about 30 pair of shoes for me to try, and even let me jog around on the sidewalk outside to see how they felt. I am not scheduled for a long run until Tuesday, so I will have to see how they feel then, but I am pretty confident that they will be great.

Brooks Ghost 5

Brooks Ghost 5

After a little shoe shopping, I went for a birthday hike with some friends in the Sandia Mountains. Not my birthday, but my friend Kelly’s. Happy Birthday Kelly!!

It was a beautiful fall day for a hike. I can’t remember the last time I went on a good hike.

Miss Carmella joined us, I was a little nervous about how far she could go, but she led the way all 5 miles with absolutely no problems. Not only was it my friend Kelly’s birthday, but I realized it is also Mella’s b-day…or somewhere around there. I’ve had Mella since she was a pup, so I can’t believe she is already 9, where did the past 9 years go!?

Mella's 9th B-day

Happy b-day Mella!

10/28 hike

10/28 hike

I’m excited to get started with week two of Best Body Bootycamp in the morning! Last week the workouts left me feeling like I worked some muscles that I haven’t in a while, and also with some extra energy. It’s nice to have some guidance on what I should be doing as far as strength training goes. I do really good if I have a schedule planned out for the week which is exactly what this program does. I know what I am doing each day so there is no question about what I need to do each morning to get after it!

The program also asks you to pick 2 goals for the week. Last week mine were to cut back to 1 cup of coffee per day, DONE, and to have a green smoothie a day, missed 2 days. This week I need to focus on my eating, I have been doing a lot of grazing on junk food and emotional eating. So tomorrow I will start by 1)not eating junk food and 2)food journaling with My Fitness Pal.

What did you do to stay active this weekend?

What are your fitness goals for the week?