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Meal Plan and Prep

I’ve decided to start sharing my meal and plan and prep in hopes that you will find some ideas that you can use, and to keep myself accountable to plan and prep healthy meals each week to stay on track with my goals.

Since I have started back to working again I’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon pretty hard. My body is feeling the effects of my afternoon indulgences in the candy buckets and cookie jars around the office. My pants aren’t fitting so well, and I’ve got more acne than a teenager! A sure sign that I need to back on track with nourishing my body not only so I look better, but so I feel better again.

Here’s a peek at what I prepped for the week. This took all of maybe 2 hours on Sunday, and the fish I cooked Saturday night while we were making dinner. You’ll notice I find sticking to a primal way of eating works best for me.

Meal Plan and Prep

  • Beef Jerky for snacking (after buying this I realized it’s full of sugar and soy sauce, but it was pricey so I’ll eat it)
  • I washed and trimmed strawberries and pulled grapes off the vine for easy snacking
  • Cut up carrots for dipping in guacamole
  • Packed 3 meals of blackened salmon and asian slaw for grab and go lunches
  • Steamed butternut squash and roasted brussels to have with chicken we will cook later this week
  • I also made a ham, kale, and pepper frittata Sunday morning that will make for some easy breakfasts when I decide to hit the snooze more than once

I packed 3 lunches already, and will have plenty of leftovers from the few dinner that we cook throughout the week to make up the other 2.

On the dinner menu:

  • Italian Sausage and Peppers (had this Sunday night and it was awesome)
  • Thai Chicken Curry from Nom Nom Paleo
  • Bacon Wrapped Chicken thighs from Balanced Bites

In other news, I am excited to start growing some food of my own! I picked up some seeds over the weekend to start seedlings for my Tower Garden.

photo 4

My favorite kind of Burpee’s!

Do you grow your own food? What’s going in your garden this year?