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Embrace the Suck

Good morning friends!! Sorry for the silence again. My family and I are on a little adventure for the next few months. Starting to settle though, so I hope to get some more fun workout posts up soon, meaning I will have to workout! In the meantime, we have been having fun and going on family adventures like going to the beach for the first time! 


So I was reading this post about wall balls this morning, and even though most people cringe at the idea of doing wall balls I actually like them. Call me crazy, but I get excited about throwing a big weighted stuffed animal up to a target, over and over and over and over…..

I think it is because a long time ago I told myself that I like them. I made the decision that I like wall balls, I told myself I was good at them and it was an exercise I could easily improve upon. I tricked myself you could say.

It’s not really a trick though, it’s all about the power of your mind. When it come to exercise, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle, how you perceive those things will determine your success. If you dread doing a certain exercise, then your whole workout is going to suffer. When it comes to food, well I could write a whole other post on that, but you have to develop a positive relationship with it. For me, it’s discovering how to eat well for my body, and to not feed my emotions. 

It’s like the mantra I tell myself before every workout I go into, “Embrace the suck.” Embrace those things that push you a little bit, embrace the things that are going to get you closer to your goals. Whether it’s deciding to like wall balls, amping up your workout routine, eating a little better (this part shouldn’t suck), spending an hour working on your business instead of watching TV (that’s a big goal of mine). Whatever it is, find a way to push yourself, to embrace the suck, the suck is where the change happens!

Where does the suck happen for you? Do you embrace it, or avoid it? 


Embracing Change

Change. This has been a recurring theme on my mind.  I’m still working out in my own head what this means to me, and struggling with my own changes, so please bear with me in this post. Sometimes just putting it out there helps me work these things out.

I’ve interacted with some people lately who are so reluctant to changing aspects of their lifestyle, even if that change will deliver a positive return. I know that I am not always open and ready for change, but I also know that if I didn’t embrace change then I wouldn’t be the person I am today. If I didn’t embrace change I wouldn’t know my own potential, or even that change can be a great thing.

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?

Are ready to change your unhealthy habits and embrace healthier ones? Do you need a change in your career, in your personal relationships, in the way you look at the world?

I am struggling with changing my mind, the most frustrating of changes. I’m stuck in the comparison trap, and struggling with being grateful and remembering that I am living in abundance. I find myself questioning my abilities and my worthiness, losing my presence. Wondering why I can’t just let go and let God. I seem to have embraced every other change in my life, so why not this one!

What’s worth doing, even if you fail?

How do your current habits make you feel? What’s holding you back from making a change? What happens if you fail, can you try again? You can always try again.

A change that I am fully embracing, is my career change. Although I am not exactly sure what that career change “to” is, I have a rough draft of a plan in my head, a very rough draft. Even if I fail at plan A there will always be a plan B-ZZ. Embracing the potential for failure is hard, and can send one (like myself) in a full-blown panic attack. When this happens, I try to remember all those people in my life that I am grateful for, and that will support me, and help me get back up, even if I fail.

What’s motivating you to make these changes?

Are you doing it to feel good about yourself? To set a good example for your family? To fit into that little black dress? To lift that weight off your shoulders?

Earlier this week, a co-worker came in to tell me how I inspired her to make some healthy meals for herself this week. You see, everyday I lug in my bag of food for the day, the options around here aren’t at all healthy so to stay on track I bring in my own stuff. I spend a good part of my weekend planning and prepping meals for the week ahead. Inspiring and motivating others is the biggest reward for me. To know that someone watches me, or reads my blog, and is inspired to make even the slightest change, is rewarding beyond words to me. It motivates me to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, and to keep sharing my passion for health and wellness.



On a side note, that actually fits into the theme of this post…is that still a side note?? If you are looking to make some healthy changes I am part of a 30-day challenge that will focus on whole food nutrition and fitness. A lot of people are reluctant to make changes around the holidays because of all the temptation, but I am looking at it as a way to keep myself in check. There will be lots of additional support and ideas to help you through the 30 days. If you’re interested in learning more please let me know and I will send you more details. Registration ends Monday, November 18th.