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Dear Conor – 13 Months

…and then we were 1

That first year went quick, and I hear the years just go faster. This year is already starting to fly by! It’s taken me a month to get your one year letter written.

You are such a happy boy. I am not sure how we got so lucky, but we really hit the jackpot of happy babies with you!


We had a small family birthday party to celebrate the big ONE, and you even directed a musical performance at the dinner table with the family. Singing is one of your favorite dinner time activities. Oh, and let’s not forget that we now like to “cheers” all the things!

CHEERS!! #ConorJosephHenry #momlife #cheers

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You also like to throw your food on the floor bit by bit when you are done and “woof” for Mella. That doesn’t happen often, you are quite the eater. Daddy sends me breakfast updates in the morning, it’s not surprising for you to gobble up 3 eggs, a couple of pieces of sausage, toast, milk, and fruit to start your day. You’re completely on solid foods now. We (meaning I) had been clinging on to nursing you once a day, but it didn’t make sense, and you were ready. Won’t say that I don’t miss that time with you though.


You’re a growing boy that’s for sure! You’re currently in 18-24m clothes and wearing some 2T, and a size 5 in shoes. At your 12 month check-up you came in at 27lbs 4oz and 31″ tall. Your weight jumped quite a bit this month, but the doc wasn’t worried. She said once you start walking you should start losing that baby belly, which I don’t necessarily want to go, it’s so cute! You don’t seem to have much interest in walking right now. You crawl over the place, and even do a little lion routine by shaking your head back and forth, yelling and crawling from room to room, it’s adorable. You can stand on your own, but sometimes catch yourself standing and sit down quickly.

You sleep like a champ. I put you down around 9 pm and you sleep until 7-8 am most mornings. You teased us with some 9 am wake-ups last week. Occasionally you wake at night, but daddy usually goes in and gets you back to sleep quickly.

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You spend a lot of time with Daddy, you two are best buds, and I love it. He takes such great care of you while I am at work. Going back to work isn’t easy, but knowing how well you are taken care of makes it a lot easier. I miss you like crazy, and can’t wait to get home every night. Once I get home we have dinner, some nights a bath, then we play in your nursery reading all the books, and playing with your animals. You can definitely say “duck” “woof” and “moo”. Every time I try to catch you on video though, you freeze up.

You’re favorite book is still the Curious George Goodnight book, you are also fond of Bubbles, Bubbles, and a peek-a-boo book you got for Christmas. You’ve started watching a few cartoons like Curious George, Peg + Cat, and Perro y el Gato (a new favorite of your parents as well). You love eggs, yogurt, sausage, applesauce, and oranges. You’ve started to get a little picky with your veggies, but I sneak them into green smoothies for you. You love feeding Mella treats, and yelling at her when she gets too close and excited.


I just can’t put into words the amount of joy you bring me and your daddy. Nothing beats that little face lighting up when you see me walk through the door after work. Or, hearing you and daddy laugh and play. I love your bedtime snuggles, you hold on to me tight when I rock and sing you to sleep. Some nights its hard to put you down. You are so loved by your family and especially me and your daddy. You are our sunshine and we can’t wait to celebrate all the milestones this next year brings.