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Back and Shoulder Resistance Band Workout

back and shoulder resistance band workout

I am super excited to share this back and shoulder resistance band workout with y’all today! Shoulders and back are some of my favorite areas to work on. I even kicked it up a notch and did this at the gym yesterday with weights, today I am going to show you how to do it at home. Which is what I did last week when Conor and I needed some fresh air and vitamin D!

I find for myself, my clients, or people who come to me for advice, need quick workouts that can be done at home, or while they are travelling. These workouts need to be done with minimal or no equipment, efficient, and quick!

back and shoulder resistance band workout

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours doing cardio and lifting weights at the gym to get in shape. You can do a workout that involves just your bodyweight, or some small equipment like a band or kettlebell, at a high intensity, for a short time, and get results. Now you do have to be consistent, and get in a routine, but you don’t have to spend hours a week working out to shake up your metabolism and start feeling and looking better.

For this back and shoulder resistance band workout you will just need a resistance band. I have this Slastix band, which I love, but you can use whatever you might already have. This one is just heavier duty than most, and has been through a lot of workouts and still works great!

This is a more strength based workout, but done at the right intensity will get your heart rate up. The workout is done in a circuit meaning you do one set of each different exercise to complete a round, and repeat for a total of 3-4 rounds, with minimal rest between exercises and rounds. Please check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine!

back and shoulder resistance band workout


Lat pullsUpright RowsPull Aparts Twist n’ PressLateral to Front Raises

Where is your favorite place to workout? Do you workout with your kids at home?

Hot Date at the Gun Show

Did I mention it was a sweaty one too! OOOOFFF!

It’s Friday night and I spent it at the gym…not gonna lie….it was AWESOME!

me at gym

I usually don’t do night workouts because I don’t sleep well after, but I can sleep in tomorrow…YAY!

Today was my last day on the project I was working on, and it was like the last day of school! There was pizza and cake!

Farewell cake

I skipped last night out of pure exhaustion, so what was supposed to be my rest day, was a workout day. My plan called for a 2 mile run + strength training

I had to run on the treadmill because it started raining when I got ready to go out. Did I mention I hate running on the treadmill…it’s a nothing but a ticket to BoredsVille. It was actually fine though, I needed to be there to do my strength training.

I used 10 lb free weights/50 lbs on pulldown machine/30 lbs on rear delt machine

Core work – 1:30 elbow plank/30x Roman Twist/30x reverse crunch

This was the most weight I have used to do this circuit…GETTING STRONGER!!

I’m definitely starting to see some definition in my arms, I still have some jiggle, but these exercises are definitely working! I can even almost do a non-girlie pushup!

I try to do an upper body and lower body strength session every week. I like to mix it up with different exercises, so that neither me, nor my body gets bored! I draw “inspiration” from friends and the internet, there are so many free resources out there when it comes to getting yourself in shape.

For example, the link above which describes where I got upsy daisy’s from, is a great place for finding workouts. I got it from Self.com which has a great workout finder.


You can choose where and what and how long

There is also an app for that, which is great because it’s easy to take to the gym with you. Or even a great resource while you are traveling and may not have access to a gym.

Check out my “Get Fit” Pinterest Board

How was your Friday night?

I’ve got big plans for a long run, and a closet purge this weekend? Exciting…I know!

Hearts & Stars,