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Friday Finds

This weeks edition of Friday Finds is all about fitness, food, and fashion (?) that I found while looking around the interwebs. Enjoy!


Bonnie Lang posted this video on Facebook called “Finishers” for the end of your workout, to get that extra burn in. I think I will be adding them in the mix, I especially like the push-up to dip move! I like the idea of giving an extra push at the end of my workouts too.

Looking for a good workout? Check out this lower body workout I posted this week. I did this workout yesterday morning, and am definitely feeling it today!

super legs and cardio workout


Get in lots o’ veggies with these Marbled Russet + Sweet Potato Samosas from Jenn at Peas & Crayons.

Follow that up with some Coconut Chocolate Cookies from Your Trainer Paige.


Not that I am much of a fashionista or anything. My biggest fashion decision lately has been what Bic Band to where with which workout outfit for the day #thejoysofunemployment.



The black sparkle and skinny gun metal band has been in the rotation a lot lately


Thursday’s OOTD before my sister insist I change in to real clothes to run errands, and by run errands I mean go to the running shop for new shoes.

So it’s only fitting that my favorite fashion find this week was a t-shirt, about running from Dorothy Beal at Miles Posts. I just can’t decide what color to get!


What kind of fitness, food, or fashion did you find interesting or fun this week?

Have a happy weekend!!

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Upper Body Supersets

I had a lot of really great runs in NYC, running through Central Park was amazing, I could run there everyday! I was only about 1/2 a mile from the park, and less than a block away from the river which was another great place to run.

Funny story about the day I ran 8 miles. I ran up to Central Park and once I got on the running path I noticed that there were A LOT of runners out for a drizzly Sunday morning. I stayed on the path with all the others thinking this must be a hot running path, so I followed the pack. Shortly I realized I was in the middle of the Central Park marathon/half-marathon once someone tried to hand me a cup of water. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stayed on the path and avoided crossing the finish line.

What I didn’t have was a lot of really great strength training sessions, or any for that matter. I even packed my resistance bands and my yoga mat. I guess it was nice to at least have them than to not…

photo 1

So today, it was back on the strength training wagon for me. After a 4-mile run, I headed to the gym to do some upper body supersets. Supersets are one of my favorite strength training formats. There are a few different ways they can be done. I chose to do sets of opposing muscle groups, moving from one exercise to the next with little rest.

Example: back and chest superset

  1. do 10 reps of bent over dumbbell rows on each arm, no rest
  2. do 10 reps of dumbbell flys, rest for 30 seconds
  3. repeat steps 1 and 2, 2 more times
  4. rest for 1 minute
  5. move on to next set of exercises

Here’s my workout from today, try it, you’ll like it! My arms feel like Jell-o…

Upper Body Supersets - happyramblings.com

What are your favorite set of muscles to train?

Do you strength train, or workout on vacation?