Twenty-13.1 the Goals Post

Happy 2013! I know, I’m a day late….typical.

The end of 2012…

I spent the last couple of weeks unplugged from my computer and from my exercise routine. It was a nice break, a break that was necessary. May have put on a couple of pounds, but guess what, I am okay with that. I enjoyed myself and didn’t stress about when I was going to fit in workouts, or get my serving of greens for the day. I rested, and I rested hard.


Christmas was awesome, we spent a lot of time driving to and from Atlanta to spend Christmas with Tim’s family, as well as do some more scouting for our upcoming move to the Atlanta area. A move date which is way up in the air.

We rang in the new year quietly on our couch in our pj’s, and it was just what I needed. I was a little jet-lagged, or is it car-lagged, from all of that traveling and had to fight hard to stay awake until midnight.


Pink champagne and some yummy homemade treats!

Pink champagne and some yummy homemade treats!

Well hello 2013, you sure are lookin’ good!

On the first day of 2013, I ran. My legs and lungs and everything else were feeling the effects of all those holiday treats! Wanted to start the New Year off right though. So I followed my breath through 3 cold miles.


1/1/13 Sandias

Beautiful morning for a run!

I am really excited about this year. What a life changer 2012 was! It was the first year that I actually stuck to a resolution, I quit smoking and started exercising. I lost 30 pounds and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in and can’t wait to see how much further I can take my health and fitness goals. I mean, seriously, I became a runner. Something I never pictured myself doing, but I did it. I fell in love with it. I feel better, I look better. I dove head first in to the health and fitness community, and have begun to feel like I know what I really want to do with my life!

I achieved so much in less than 6 months in 2012, and I have twice that amount of time and motivation in 2013. So bring it 2013, this is my year…Yee-Haw! don’t ask, just kind of came out…

2013 Goals

  • Run a half marathon – this is my big goal for the year! I’d like to day a race around my b-day, the big 3-0 will be here in a few months…eek!
  • Practice yoga, at least 2 times per week
  • 13 races in 2013

  • Become a certified personal trainer – just a small part of my new career goals!
  • Eat cleaner and greener
  • Improve my photography skills – take an online class, or read a book

Find MY healthy balance, the happier HAPPIEST,  healthier HEALTHIEST me

What are your goals for the new year?




5 thoughts on “Twenty-13.1 the Goals Post

  1. Mary @ Fit and Fed

    You have some awesome, exciting goals for the year, 13 races, a marathon, and a new career, big horizons, love it! Congratulations on all you accomplished in 2012, quitting smoking is so big and a really hard one for so many! I haven’t made a big long list of goals, but I know I am going to compete in the adult US Nationals in figure skating in my age and skill group for the first time ever in April, so I’ll be focusing my skating on getting ready for that.

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  3. torontorunner

    I’m loving your garmin, what a great colour!

    Wow, congrats on the weight loss and quitting smoking in 2012, two huuuge things!
    I’ll be following you along to your 1/2 marathon!!


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